We cover everything and anything you require for your film and/or stills project.  
A pick and mix style of services - from basic Production Management, Location Research, or Casting to a full 360 Film Production.

  • Producer and Production Management

  • Storyboard artists

  • Creatives

  • Script writing

  • PAs

  • Budgeting/Scheduling

  • Talent contracting

  • Crewing up

  • COVID supervision

  • HOD contacts

Production is at the very heart of what Kraken stands for. 
Jo Rae Daly, the owner and Executive Producer of Kraken works alongside some of the best production staff in London, to make your production run as smoothly & efficiently as possible.  


Although we do not have a “traditional” Director roster, we work with many freelance Directors and Directors agents, meaning whatever you require directorially (if you are not flying one in),  we can offer options for you. 

We can do as little or as much as your film project requires.


In the world of 2020, COVID and beyond, we also have an in-house COVID Supervisor who is on the APA list & have the FIRST OPTION COVID certification as well.

  • Location research

  • Virtual recce

  • COVID location safety

  • Location security 

  • Location management

  • Event spaces

One of the main draws of shooting in London & the UK are the locations available within a very short distance. 

From castles, Victorian cobbled streets, 1950s police stations or modern apartments to wooded areas, we have it all.  Not to mention all the usual suspects such as Picadilly Circus, Covent Garden, the Thames and its waterways to country estates.


Kraken works very closely with Locality Online as one of our key contacts within the locations industry. Locality have provided locations for major feature films, dramas, Netflix series and commercials throughout the years and are a trusted partner when it comes to finding the perfect location(s). 

Kit Crew

London & the UK is home to some of the best HODs & crews in the world.  

From Freelance Directors, DoPs, MUA, Stylists, Home Economists and more.  Whatever crew support you require we can create a bespoke team for you, be it on the ground support for your HODs flying into the UK or arranging the whole film crew & team.

From standard film kits to action vehicles, we can organise any camera/lighting/grip kit for your film requirements.  We have established relationships with all the main kit houses in London and the UK, making deals for you and getting the best kit for your budget & creative vision.

  • HD/4K camera gear

  • Cinematic lens and filters

  • Grip/dolly and crane equipment

  • Lighting

  • Drones

  • Action car vehicles

  • Talent research & casting

  • Remote casting sessions

  • Contract management

  • PPE provided to all onset Talent

  • Voice over casting

  • Street casting

  • Animal casting

London is world renowned for its pool of acting and entertainment talent. 

Kraken films work with multiple casting directors and talent agents who can cover everything from street casting to casting babies.

We also provide talent contract/admin management if required. 

In the world of COVID, we also can orchestrate remote ZOOM casting sessions to keep everyone involved as safe as possible.


When travelling to London for a film shoot the last thing you want to worry about is booking a hotel, taxis and researching good restaurants and bars to visit.


Kraken Films will take care of this for you, recommending com5petitive hotel rates and organising all your transport throughout your stay.  Local London knowledge is key here, so allow us to make this visit as stress free but fun, as possible. We will also provide you with a local power adaptor for your stay plus a welcome pack of London goodies. 

  • Airport transfer bookings

  • Airport porter bookings for oversized luggage/kit

  • Hotel recommendations & bookings

  • Restaurant and bar guides

  • Bespoke personal drivers

  • 24/7 Emergency medic info

  • Local advice for COVID safety 

Post Production
  • Offline editors

  • Online/flame ops

  • 2D/3D & motion graphics

  • Animation

  • Composed music 

  • Library music research 

  • Sound mix

  • V/O & Podcast recordings

Kraken works with some of the most awarded and boutique post-production & music companies in London.  


If you require any form of post-production management or recommendations we are here to help.

We have a close relationship with Splice Post, who have been operating in East London for 17 years. Now recognised as one of the UK's leading post-production companies, they continue to provide amazing facilities, intelligent technology and top talent. 


We have a huge pool of talented companies we can call upon depending what your production requires.