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THE NEW NORMAL - Location and Production working hand in hand

We live in bizarre times.

The world is a different place - we have been put (literally) on pause.  Now the pause button is slowly being switched back to play.

Slowly, the Film industry is picking itself back up and so is Kraken Films who are working hand in hand with our top location company Locality Online and their Owner, Emma Plimmer who has been creating a portfolio of locations that are COVID-19 safe. Emma has detailed some location-specific info below. 


With increased health requirements and the need for social distancing, it makes sense to find the location first and proportion the number of on-site crew to the size of the property. The script could even be written around the properties features and fixtures, saving time and money on set dressing.

Locality has undertaken a lot of research and been on many a forum to consider the criteria for a film location.  Our findings are:

  • can the location be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected?

  • Closed to general public / exclusive use only or exteriors.

  • Close to the production base to minimize overnights.

  • Handwashing and toilet facilities (on-site or designated area to set them up in)

  • Have electricity supply - at least four 13A sockets

  • WiFi - Ethernet provided internet speeds of at least 20 MB/s upload & download (160 Mbps) and access to the main router.

  • Enough space for 2m distancing ratio to persons on set. 

  • Preferably access does not involve using a lift. 

  • Space/room for each department to have own area for prep and cleaning

  • Parking on-site or drop-off area.

  • Car parking within short walking distance.

  • European looking locations

  • Large houses where the crew can self-isolate together.

  • With prop houses closed, locations that are prepped.

Locality has compiled suitable ‘lockdown locations’ that can be seen here:

Smaller crews are hugely cost beneficial for the producer: more mobile;  less waste; less time for cleaning; reducing the potential for damaging property. But would that come at a cost to the quality? No… because Kraken has an answer.


The days of busy, hectic sets, shared lunches and organized chaos are a thing of the past (for now) - Kraken Films Ltd have created a cross-platform collective of peers from Feature film/Broadcast/Theatre and Commercial film disciplines to create a “new normal” way of shooting. This includes:

  • Remote Video Village/OB system - full Client/Agency attendance via ZOOM

  • Smaller crew size dependent on the size of location /2m distancing. 

  • COVID assessed location list (℅

  • Full PPE kit for onset crew + onset 

  • Remote Casting and rehearsals

  • ‘COVID Supervisor’ to oversee H&S guidelines and take crew temperatures.

  • Understudy/buddy system for HODs

  • Disinfectant cleaning and certified waste disposal

In accordance with Global WHO guidelines, the UK Government, BECTU, and APA advice, we have a new COVID-19 shooting policy online which will be updated regularly. Things are moving forward. Let’s create some great content.

Download the policy on our website:

As filmmakers, our offices are film studios, foreign countries, and national locations.  For the most part, we can not WFH. Slowly, however, the industry is picking itself back up and so is Kraken Films. 

Fixer/Production inquiries:

Location inquiries:

Stay safe.

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