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What does running a "Green Production" actually mean?

Kraken Films decided to find out.

The UK Film/TV industry is responsible for a huge amount of wastage on set each year. From non-sustainable energy use (from lighting to location vehicles), non-recyclable plastic cups and water bottles to high levels of food & paper wastage upon WRAP. But where do we start? The Film/TV Drama world has a leading light when it comes to advising and tracking your carbon footprint as a company. Kraken Films, although a small commercially based company, wanted to engage in the core practices Albert offers up.



  1. NO Callsheets to be printed. Everyone one from Crew to Clients, are encouraged to use their mobile/tablet/laptop devices to view this information along with minimal printing of shot lists and schedules.

  2. Recycle bins will be provided on set.

  3. GREEN TOMATO cars/couriers are used by Kraken Films. GT is partners with Albert and endeavor to reduce carbon emissions in their industry.

  4. Catering we will only use caterers who buy local produce and create dishes from seasonal food available within the UK. More vegan and Veggie menu options to be offered to crew and Clients. This is our core promise on our location/studio shoots. Every little bit helps. For more info on how to make your Film production greener, go to


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