Together - Short Film

JUNE 2020

TOGETHER is a short film born out of the ongoing experience of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. A film that united a group of highly skilled professionals eager to express a sense of shared consciousness through film in these unprecedented and uncertain times.


Determined to work creatively again within a UK industry struggling with the challenges of negotiating new stringent filming restrictions, Jo Rae Daly, owner of Kraken Films, gathered together a cross-disciplined film team which covered feature film / broadcast / commercials and live events. The mission: to embrace head-on what the ‘new normal’ way of working would look like; while at the same time pushing creatively to deliver a narrative that was as artistically uncompromised as possible. We wanted to take the COVID-19 shooting guidelines from BFC/BECTU and the APA and put them into practice.


We wanted to express the raw emotion of the COVID-19 experience in a way that resonated with a global audience. The universal anger, frustration, loss, confusion and fear that has swept through our lives.


The overarching sentiment: For those who have felt alone. We are TOGETHER.