These are just some of the amazing people we work with to make your dreams a reality. 

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Don is a hands-on Director with a solid 15 years experience behind him as an offline Editor. 

A natural born storyteller who draws creative inspiration from his complementary backgrounds in theatre practice, digital postproduction and creative advertising; Don has an all-round solid set of skills that make him an unstoppable creative tour-de-force.   

Don's passion and enthusiasm for Film and the analogue process infuse his digital work with a think first, then shoot mentality that brings with it a considered elegance; even when making Punk music videos.


WE is the independent, London based commercial director duo of Tim Wetherall and Jon Evans.

Tim and Jon are highly experienced commercial directors -  working across animation, live action, mixed media, VFX, stop frame and quite often a bit of everything at the same time.

Beautiful Landscape

Locality is one of the longest running location agencies in England with an extensive portfolio of properties in London and the UK.
They're like a huge estate agent’s window and Pinterest rolled into one.

Locality’s renowned library is a product of 25+ years of experience, a passionate interest in architecture, research and liaison with major corporations. 

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Founded by Scuta Salamanca in 2002, Soviet Science are a boutique music production company based in Hackney, London.

They specialise in bespoke composition and music supervision for moving image.

They have produced award winning work with composer talent from around the globe, and make sure they hit the brief bang on every time.

Both Scuta and Tom have worked client side as well so they know how music fits into our clients’ busy production schedule.

Street Scene
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Hannah has a rich history working in film and television, beginning her career working as continuity on films including Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, The Boat That Rocked and Nanny McPhee. 

This experience proved invaluable. Close interaction with actors and directors, provided her with an in depth understanding of the industry, and a keen eye for talent.

Ever since, Hannah has continued to add interesting projects to her casting resume, across independent films, commercials and TV dramas.

Her time as a commercials casting director has provided her with a large network of contacts in the industry, a great knowledge and understanding of talent, including unrivalled street casting knowledge, and all within tight time and budget constraints.

Delicious Meals
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Studio Shoots are the baseline of Wolf and Lamb.
Over the past few years, they have been polishing and perfecting their service to make it as streamlined as possible to keep everyone fed and happy on set. They’ll set you up with a fresh and healthy breakfast, then a filling but not-too-naughty lunch to keep everyone going.
If the shoot is over the course of a few days, their daily changing menus will ensure you get the variety you need.