We believe in working with excellent but kind people.

Kraken Films Ltd was created as a direct response to the ever-changing UK and London Advertising and Film landscape.

Based on the Foreign Fixer model,  we take each project and mould the team and services you require.
Production is key and forms Kraken's core.

Whatever you need, we will fix it for you with some of the best and most experienced UK/London Producers, Crew, Location Management, Talent Management, and Kit Hire companies in the UK film industry.

We are not Film Director lead. We let our Production lead but we also offer up freelance film directors who are suitable for your creative and can work through the entire film process with you.


Whatever you need, let us know.

Think of Kraken as the ultimate fixer and your virtual Rolodex.

Sanitising Surfaces

Our COVID-19 policy.

Kraken Films have collated information from WHO/UK Government/BECTU/BFC and global production peers to create a safe working policy/practice for anyone who steps onto our sets.

Whilst much of what we all know are guidelines only at this stage, we believe common sense, greener production practices and solid medical advice will lead the way for us to slowly return to film production.

We detail key areas of COVID-19 safety practice in this document.


  • COVID-19 - basics

  • Pre-shoot PCR test management

  • Location safety and practices

  • Studio shoots

  • PPE, Medical info and personal R&Rs

  • Remote Video Village practices

  • Talent safety

  • Art Department/MUA/Wardrobe

  • Catering

  • Hired Kit

  • Summary/General Info

Banana Leaves

Our Green commitment.

​We all need to be better about waste.
To this end, we've decided it's best to be up front and honest about our expectations and our behaviours.


The below isn't exhaustive, it's just a beginning... 

  • No plastic bottles/cups/cutlery on set, metal/glass/reusable products to be used/provided by production.​

  • No call-sheets to be printed.​

  • Everyone, from crew to clients is encouraged to use their mobile/tablet/laptop to view this information.​

  • Shot lists and schedules will only be printed and circulated where necessary, electronic versions are preferred whenever possible.​

  • Recycle bins will be placed prominently on set, their use will be strongly encouraged and monitored.​

  • Green Tomato cars/couriers are used by Kraken Films.

  • Green Tomato is partners with Albert, and endeavour to reduce carbon emissions in their industry.​

  • We will only use caterers who buy local produce and create dishes from seasonal food available within the UK.​

  • More vegan and vegetarian menu options will be offered to crew and clients.